Friday, April 01, 2005

Spoil the Child

Father, Guards Face Charges in 'Scared Straight' Stunt

April 1, 2005 -- A Pennsylvania man allegedly wanted to scare his son out of taking up a dangerous lifestyle, but the father and five of his friends, who are guards at a juvenile detention center, could be the ones who end up doing jail time.

Allegheny County police issued an arrest warrant for Anthony Donald, 37, of Penn Hills, and the five guards from the Shuman Juvenile Detention Center, on charges including false imprisonment, unlawful restraint, official oppression, simple assault and conspiracy.

Three of the guards surrendered to police Thursday morning in connection with injuries suffered by the 13-year-old boy over the weekend.

Donald's son told police he was harassed for about an hour and physically assaulted after his father turned him over to the guards on Sunday for a "scared straight" attempt.

"It's alleged that the child care workers, with varying degrees of culpability, assaulted the young juvenile and held him in a room against his will," Allegheny County Police Superintendent Charles Moffatt said.

Upon the boy's release, his mother took him to a hospital because he complained of pains.

Police said the guards apparently agreed to take the boy inside the center as a favor to Donald, who wanted to persuade him against a potentially harmful lifestyle.

What kind of crap is this? The man is trying to raise he boy right and this is the kind of crap they do to him. We have too many low account negroes coddled by their mothers who wind up in jail. I think that this is only fair and decent. Them boys need discipline, so they can get decent jobs. That boy was fine. His mother was babying him.

My wife? I make sure she's in church, so when I whip my kids, she's so busy serving the lord, she can't hear their jesus-filled screams. Boy,. nothing like a good whipping to get a kid to praise and call for Jesus. It's a perfect way to find the lord.

If I didn't have to drive Mr. Worthington around to his Russian friend's place in the city, me and the children would have been outside that poor girl's hopsital, praying for that murdering bastard of a husband to die at the hands of a righteous avenger. And blow up his house and kids as well, Whore spawns. Not good chrisitian children like my kids, Mary, Joseph and James. Although I don't get why Mary has all those rainbow flags around. And the key chain. For a 16 year old basketball player, she seems so dedicated. She doesn't even talk to boys. I'm so glad. I wouldn't want to throw her out in the street for being a whore and having some nigger's baby


Blogger scott said...

Word. What's the point of "Scared Straight" if it isn't scary? Or straight?

Those queer-loving liberals JUST DON'T GET IT, AS USUAL. >:[

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen, brother!

I keep my "Persuader" hung in the living room, right below the picture of our Lord and Savior. Junior's speech may be just a bit slurred and come to think of it, his left hand's twisted kinda funny after his last chastisement, but Praise Jesus he ain't gonna be smoking no more pot!

5:56 PM  
Blogger Instafaggot said...

I'm starting to get that this blog is a joke.

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, the best bullshit since george bush. This blog not only insults a nation, it also uses extremely innipropriate language. This better be a joke, or this site is going to be reported.

An enraged RIGHTEOUS citizen

12:56 PM  

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