Friday, April 01, 2005

Go Jets!!!!

Mayor Bloomberg Hails Jets Stadium Vote

NEW YORK Apr 1, 2005 — Mayor Michael Bloomberg hailed a public agency board's unanimous vote for a proposed $1.9 billion stadium and said Friday that critics are "against economic opportunity for all New Yorkers."

The plan, designed to lure the 2012 Olympics and provide a new home for the New York Jets, was approved Thursday by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board. The agency owns the site on Manhattan's West Side where the stadium is to be built.

The board accepted a $720 million offer from the Jets to develop the site, turning down two competing proposals worth more money.

"When you think stadium, the words that you've got to think about is not Jets but jobs," Bloomberg said Friday on WABC-AM radio.

Among the critics of the plan is City Council speaker Gifford Miller, a Democrat who is hoping to challenge the Republican mayor this fall in his bid for a second term. At Thursday's meeting, Miller called the vote "a terrible mistake."

"I find it fascinating, some of these people who want to run for office and are against development and against jobs," Bloomberg said. "What side are they on if they're against economic opportunity for all New Yorkers?"

Many city voters do not share his zeal, opposing the plan by 53 percent to 38 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released before the vote. Some residents have said the stadium will cause too much congestion and cost too much money.

Sports is a good thing and we need more stadiums. I hope those Manhattan liberals choke on their fumes. Why are they against black millionaires having place to work in the city? Are they only good enough to play in Jersey? This is liberal racism in the extreme. They don't think black football players are good enough to inhabit their racist city. God I hate white liberals.


Anonymous Jeremy said...

Is this a joke?

New Yorkers of all political stripes don't want this stadium in our city because:

1. We would have to pay $300 million for it when no one really wants it and there are so many other glaring needs in New York City like education and social services.

2. The Jets fan base in in the suburbs, not the city. Let them build it.

3. That area represents part of the last great undeveloped area in the city. If anything, developing that neighborhood with housing would make it easier for low-income people to live in Manhattan.

4. Study after study has shown, most notably in Baltimore, than a stadium does not significantly increase revenue for a city. Look at Yankee Stadium. It's in a lousy part of the South Bronx. It hasn't done squat for the neighborhood.

So there are plenty of reasons not to support the stadium, none of which have anything to do with racism.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

oakland housing authority

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

house of representative

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